8 February 2024

Netflix Documentary Talent Fund

By Alex Wade Reviewed and Cleared

What a night! Incredible atmosphere, real buzz in the room, wonderful films – you couldn’t ask for more.

We’re talking about last night’s screening of five amazing films via Netflix’s Documentary Talent Fund. London’s Ham Yard Hotel was the venue for a packed premiere, and the winning films are available to watch via Netflix’s 6.3 YouTube Channel Still Watching.

The featured short films were Turn Up The Bass, about deaf DJ Troi Lee and his pioneering work in music and the deaf rave scene; Iranian Yellow Pages, about a man trying to make a new life in London who, thanks to some quirky ads, discovers the Iranian community on his doorstep; Black Stroke, in which drowning isn’t an option as three people learn to swim – and give the lie to a tired but enduring prejudice; Two Mothers, a touching tale of the bond formed between an Irish mother and her Ukrainian surrogate; and Sperm Donors Wanted!, in which a transgender performance artist interviews hundreds of potential sperm donors live on stage as he and his partner seek to start their family.

Triple Exposure was delighted to help support each filmmaker, advising on the legals, financials and insurance: looking after the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We’ll talk about each film in the coming days but, for now, let’s just say: they’re all absolutely brilliant.