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About us: How Triple Exposure is transforming the film and tv industry

As a film or TV programme maker, there’s no better feeling than seeing your project on the big (and little) screen. You’ve done the hard work – and now should be the time to sit back, grab a movie snack, and enjoy the finished picture.

But sometimes, the graft behind filming is a bit of an epic – which can slow you down, get you down, and even get in the way of creativity.

So, wouldn’t it be great if there was someone – or something – that could take at least take some of the load? Carry the can, so to speak.

Triple Exposure is a one-stop shop to make your life, as a creator, easier.

Let’s just say we’re the best type of “triple threat”. We look after the financials, the insurance, AND the legal stuff.

  • We’re here to take the strain.
  • We’re here to do the fiddly stuff behind the scenes.
  • We’re here to free you up to do what you do best. Create.

Then there’s our extensive network, who we can call upon to provide extra support just when you need it.

Who are the players?

Triple Exposure is a collaboration of three film industry experts – accountancy practice AlliottsPerformance Film & Media Insurance, (the clue to what they do is in the name), and specialist law firm Reviewed and Cleared.

What’s the plot?
Over the past few years various people from Alliotts, Performance Film & Media Insurance, and Reviewed and Cleared, would run into each other at film festivals and industry events.

Our trio always found plenty to chat about. That wasn’t just a common client base, but additionally, a common-sense approach to the film and TV business.

Cut to next scene
Once the red-carpet poses were dropped and the premiere afterparties ended,  the real talk and work began.

Triple Exposure was formed, merging accountancy, insurance, and legal support in an easy-to-use, friendly “one-stop shop” for all those making and creating in the film and television industry.

And how about a parting shot?

We are there as the “crew behind the crew” to get your idea from storyboard to greenlight and beyond, free of financial, insurance and legal worries.

So, isn’t it time to get your production team together so you can actually create?

THE END – or possibly a new beginning?

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Accounting: Alliotts LLP

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