27 March 2023

Behind the scenes at the Triple Exposure Launch event

By Flora Windebank Alliotts LLP

We were thrilled to launch our new offering to the film and TV industry – Triple Exposure – at an exclusive event at Hoxton Square on Wednesday, alongside some of our key partners from the creative industries.

Triple Exposure is your one-stop shop to make your life as a creator that much easier.

It’s a collaboration of three trusted advisers to the film industry – accountancy practice Alliotts, Performance Film & Media Insurance and specialist law firm Reviewed & Cleared.

We began the day with a brilliant Q&A with Libyan-Irish BAFTA nominated producer, Farah Abushwesha, who has worked on numerous internationally renowned films and projects. Farah took the time to answer some fantastic questions from the audience about her career and gave some advice to her fellow peers on working in the film industry.

After a quick break for lunch, we had the amazing duo, Giles Alderson and Dom Lenoir, Directors, Producers and hosts of The Filmmakers Podcast, about their experience in the industry and how they navigate, what can at times be a challenging field. One of the interesting topics they touched on was how the film industry has changed to better protect crew members. Check out their podcast here!

For the final session, Alex Wade, Gareth Graham and Sam Ampah took centre stage to speak about Triple Exposure and the value it can deliver to creators in the film and TV industry. The main takeaway from this session was that Triple Exposure is all about making things easier for filmmakers and letting you all do what you do best – creating fantastic content.

We’re so excited to work with you and support you to get the most out of Triple Exposure, to help you create more spectacular and thoughtful productions.

We’re standing by to answer any of your questions, so please head over to our website to find out more and get in touch.